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Four amazing London neighbourhoods

Stoke NewingtonThe capital of England, London is home to numerous neighbourhoods but not all neighbourhoods are the same. This is why we have decided to turn your attention towards four of the finest neighbourhood of London, just in case you decide to change the scenery and move.

Stoke Newington:

The neighbourhood of Stoke Newington isn’t linked to the remainder of London via the underground network of the city. In fact only rail link to the area is the railway but the short train trip is well worth as the neighbourhood has its own unique ambiance. Church Street is the main street of the area and is filled with public houses, cafes and peculiar shops. Speaking of shops, Stoke Newington is known throughout London as the area to go when one seeks vintage items. Bouverie Road is another main street of the area. The main feature of the street is the Cobbled Yard which is an antique shop that offers great bargains to its customers. The main park of the area is Clissold Park. The park has its own lake which is described by many as the prettiest lake in London. The houses and residential blocks of Stoke Newington are charming as well. Last but not least the area is full of companies that provide all kinds of public and professional services such as cleaning services.


The neighbourhood of Highgate lies in the north western parts of London and is known throughout the city for its amazing vistas over London. Most of the buildings in the neighbourhood are from the Georgian era which gives to the area an old-fashioned atmosphere and charm. The neighbourhood is also one of the greenest neighbourhoods in London as it is surrounded by numerous lush green open spaces such as Hampstead Heath, Waterlow Park, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Wood. Highgate is also home to some of London’s finest pubs and brewpubs such as The Bull or The Wrestlers.

Dulwich Village:

The main landmark of this picturesque London neighbourhood is the Dulwich Picture Gallery which is England’s first public art gallery. During the 2012 London Summer Olympics the gallery exhibited the works of Andy Warhol, including his famous Mohammad Ali prints. The gallery is located in close proximity to Dulwich Park which is another landmark of the neighbourhood and one of the greenest open spaces in London. During the summer the park is the venue for numerous outdoor film screenings. Dulwich Village is a visited but yet quiet London neighbourhood that is the ideal retreat after a long day at work. The neighbourhood is also served by numerous professional companies such as Cleaning Services Harrow that aim to ease and facilitate the lives of the local residents.


Unlike the previous areas, Chelsea is much more vibrant and opulent. The neighbourhood is home to some of London’s most eccentric and expensive shops and boutiques. The neighbourhood is often described by Londoners as a centre for fashion and jewellery. Chelsea is also home to some of the most expensive real estates not only in London but the entire country as well. Still if one could afford to live in Chelsea it is a well worth investment as the neighbourhood is truly glamorous.