5 of the most visited museums in the world

Some of the most famous and most visited landmarks in the world are museums. However just like everything on this world some museums are more appealing and therefore more visited then others. It is because of this fact that we have decided to write down an article about the most visited museums in the world and present them to you.

  1. TThe Louvrehe Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world and is a central landmark of Paris. The museum lies on the Right Bank of the Seine River and was once the official residence of French Royalties. In present time The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world with over nine million visitors per year. At the moment the museum displays a collection of nearly 35,000 (only 10% of the museum’s collection) objects that date from prehistoric time to this day. The museum is divided into eight curatorial departments which are: Egyptian antiquities, New Eastern antiquities, Greek, Etruscan and Roman, Islamic art, Sculpture, Decorative arts, Painting and Prints and Drawings. The most famous exhibit of the museum is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.
  2. The British Museum is a museum dedicated to the human culture and history. The museum has one of the biggest collections in the world with approximately eight million objects. The British Museum is the world’s second most visited museum as it welcomes over 6.5 million people on an annual basis. The museum is located on Great Russell Street in the London Borough of Camden. Speaking of Camden, the area is one of London’s finest areas as it is the home of numerous public and professional institutions that offer various services such a professional domestic and commercial cleaning.
  3. The Metropolitan Art Museum more commonly known as The Met is located in New York City and is the third most visited in the world. According to the latest numbers the museum is visited by approximately six million people on a yearly basis. The Met is the most visited American museum and is the largest single building museum in the world (2,000,000 square feet)
  4. The National Gallery is the second British museum that is in the top five of the most visited museums in the world. The museum was established in 1824 and is presently visited by a little less than six million people per year. The main exhibits of the museum are “The Virgin of the Rocks” by Leonardo da Vinci, “The Water Lily Pond” by Claude Monet, “Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh and “The Fighting Temeraire” by J. M. W. Turner. The museum is located on Trafalgar Square in the City of Westminster. The City of Westminster is one of London’s main areas and just like Camden is home to numerous professional companies including  https://carpetcleaninghounslow.org/.
  5. The Vatican Museums are several museums that are located within the boundaries of the Vatican. The museums amass a total of 5.5 visitors on a year basis and therefore rank fifth in the world. The museums display the works of art of Raphael, Titian, Correggio, Caravaggio, Bellini and many more.